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Which phones are supported by Fitness Race?

At the launch you can play Fitness Race on iPhones (5s or newer). We plan to introduce an Android version in the near future.
Fitness Race will not be available for tablets (iPad or Android).

Do I need additional hardware, e.g. a step counter wristband or wearable?

No. Fitness Race works with the pedometer that is built in into your iPhone. However, you can use an additional wearable or smart watch if this device supports Apple HealthKit. Depending on the brand you might need to open the corresponding app before steps appear in Fitness Race.

Why are the steps of my Fitbit wristband not displayed?

Unfortunately the Fitbit app and devices do not support the Apple HealthKit platform. Therefore your Fitbit steps cannot be used in Fitness Race. We plan to support Fitbit devices in an upcoming version of Fitness Race.

Does Fitness Race replace the workout or step counter apps I am using now?

No. The main goal of Fitness Race is to be fun and to encourage physical activity. It does not make a difference to the game if you collect your steps during a workout or your daily routines. You can play Fitness Race on top of using your favourite workout app and „re-use“ your steps.

Can I use more than one Fitness Race accounts on my device?

No. Unfortunately this is not possible due to technical reasons. The steps are tied to the device and would be already „used“ when a second account is trying to use them for a race.

How do I withdraw my consent to usage of my personal data?

At this moment Fitness Race does not use your personal data for purposes of advertising and market or opinion research.

We will never do so without your consent!

If in the future we use your data with your previous consent and you want to withdraw that consent you will find directions on how to do so in this FAQ post.